Artist Steve Slimm App

Hey - thanks for considering my Art App!

I'm Steve Slimm, artist, musician, writer, poet - a regular New Renaissance kinda guy (:/!) and I've built this app to share what I'm doing with the world in an easier way for everyone. In 2018, I think email is no longer such a great way to stay in touch with fans and customers, so this is my contribution to innovation in acceptable forms of communication, if you like. It's now my prefered means of staying in touch.

If you click 'Next' on the app image above, you can see the whole app and how it works, (I was so chuffed when I realised it actually works fine here on this page!) To download it to your phone, just enter an email address that you can access from your device, or your mobile number, and click 'Send Link'. It's really straightforward to then download the app fronm the email or text you receive. (Or use the QR code if you know how to . . . I don't!)

Some important points: 

1) The email address or mobile number you enter here will not be held in any sysem for further use.

2) You won't need to enter your name or email address to open the app. I don't need your details. 

3) There is no advertising on the app - other than me telling you about stuff I'm doing. :)

4) It will never cost you anything.

5) I shall be sending out regular notifications - you know, those annoying little messages that ding at you from time to time! But not too regularly . . .

6) I shall also update the app sometimes. You'll need to close it down from your homescreen and reopen it to see the updated version. 

7) It seemingly takes very little space on your device. I don't even see it in my list of apps taking up data storage.

Other than that, I think all I can say is - I hope you enjoy having it on your phone. You can delete it off whenever you like, and I shall be none the wiser! So, here's to an easier time with communication and refining the idea of personal choices.

Best to you,

Steve :)